Cable Cooker 2.5 Upgrades

High performance, retrofittable upgrade (EFS circuit, resettable fuses,
new red LED power switch and full cryogenic treatment)

The Extended Frequency Sweep (EFS) upgrade more than doubles the previous sweep at both ends of the spectrum. The swept square wave starts at 0 Hz and is calibrated at just over 40KHz, more than doubling the extension, whereas the previous sweep (for version 2.5) started at just below 40Hz and reached 18.5KHz. Also installed are a pair of in-line resettable fuses that prevent "back current" from an accidental short, and a new red LED power switch. The complete upgrade includes full cryogenic treatment of the circuit board, all chassis connectors, switches, and internal wiring. This cryogenic upgrade is as sonically significant as the EFS circuit upgrade, and the benefits are cumulative. The Cable Cooker is also thoroughly cleaned inside and out as part of the service.

High-quality Cardas ACBP binding posts....$200 including labor

Premium all-copper billet Cardas CCGR binding posts….$300 including labor

These binding post upgrades are available as a hardware upgrade to existing 2.5 PRO and 2.5 Standard units. If you like using your Cooker, but would enjoy having greater “gripability” with heavier/thicker speaker cables (especially those with larger/thicker spade terminations), then this upgrade is definitely worth it. These cryogenically-treated posts have a long, faceted front cap, are easily hand-tightened, and very easy on the fingers. The old binding post assemblies are removed, the new posts are installed with color-coded insulators,
and the internal wiring is re-terminated to its new length.