Reviews From Respected Publications

"Recommending this product is a no-brainer."

"There is no question that the Cooker works as advertised, and no denying the extraordinary sonic benefits of fully breaking in audio cables."

- Wayne Donnelly,

"Let me be blunt: Anyone who claims there isn’t a clearly audible difference between virgin and properly conditioned cables, at least from out of the bunch I tested, is clearly hard of hearing."

- Srajan Ebaen, Sound Stage


"Remarkable sonic improvements were noted in all treated cables, be they of interconnect, AC power cord—or even the Sound Application AC line conditioner persuasion."

"This is one accessory that no self respecting or group of audiophiles should be without!"

Myles Astor, Positive Feedback

What customers have to say...

Thanks again for the phono cable adaptor! Still hard to believe the difference burning in the cables can make even after having been doing just that for over three years. The phono cable may be the single biggest improvement in cable burn in yet. You’ve heard that before I am sure.

….Best, Steve


I am happy to report that the cable cooker was just magical!! How you do it, I do not know. What amazes me is how can ANYONE buy cables and not buy the Cooker. Alan, I seriously think you should publicize more about the products. No audiophile should carry on listening without pre-cooking their cables. It is as simple as that for me!!! Thank you once again for the excellent service. I wish you the best for your ventures.

….Regards, Dr. Afzal Khan


The cooker is working superbly for me, and is truly indispensable. The interconnects I am making need at least four days on the Cooker – I haven’t tried any longer than that yet. They certainly sound good after four days and don’t exhibit any of the downsides of over-Cooking, but I shall try a slightly longer burn soon and see what happens.

The sound does get better over the next 2 to 3 days but nothing like the variation I experienced with the 3 day burn. With a four day burn my customers all report that the sound is beautifully balanced, with the small added caveat that the top end opens up just a bit after a couple of days.

….Mark Jenkins/Antipodes Audio


I received the phono din adaptor cable today. It’s exactly what I was hoping and looking for. Easy instructions and perfect! I will soon be burning in some of my phono cables AND tonearm wire. This sort of device has been long overdue in terms of needfulness. Thanks very much.

….Jeff Lee


Chris and I are always shaking our heads at people who don’t try the Cable Cooker. And then they have the temerity to complain that their cables don’t sound right. I’ll say this again. Analog fans, especially, need to get a Cable Cooker. They simply have no idea how good their turntables can sound. They have no idea that the tiny tonearm wires are holding back the music.

…John Lum


My colleagues and I have used the Cable Cooker on hundreds of cables. Having done so, we can’t fathom how other people refuse to acknowledge or try the Cable Cooker. If they haven’t used a Cable Cooker, they do not know how a cable truly performs.

It doesn’t matter if I’m Cooking the Antares or the throwaway patch cord that came with my DVD player. The Cooker works the same on both.

…John Lum


The unit is fantastic. As all of my interconnects and cables (speaker and power) were previously broken in (or so I thought), I was astounded at the results. Dynamics better, frequency extremes better, more detail. I love it. Very easy to use.

…Thanks again, Jon


Well done! I love it, I could not imagine adding a cable for evaluation that has not been Cooked. Feel free to quote me.

…Rick Schultz of Virtual Dynamics


Thanks for making a GREAT product, that delivers an unparalleled audio value, transformed my Bybee filter, and metamorphosized my Richard Gray.

…Mark Hampton of Zcable


I am most impressed. My vinyl has never sounded better!!

…A.D. Banerjei


The Cable Cooker arrived safely some days ago. Meanwhile, for the beginning, I have cooked all my interconnects. The result is stupendous since they were already “broken in”.

The beneficial effect is audible throughout the whole spectrum, from the deepest lows to the highest highs, and spaciousness is more developed too. I will continue to cook the power and speaker cables as well, hopefully with further improvement.



Was extremely pleased with the results after having all my cables cooked with the Cable Cooker. There has been a significant improvement in definition, soundstage and a cleaner top-end while the bass is more refined. Many of the “definitive” recordings from the 50s & 60s, such as Klemperer’s Beethoven 3rd & 5th symphonies, have been given a new lease of life. The unit ran without a hitch.



The Cooker is perhaps the best single thing I’ve ever used in hi-end audio! I’m completely thrilled with it, and have had no problems whatsoever in its operation. I was amazed EACH time I treated another wire, and flabbergasted when I heard the improvement to power cables. I’m unclear about how long to treat wires, but experimentation plus your and your customers’ track records will, over time, probably be illuminating. Thanks for developing a “must have” device

…Mike Lander

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