Audiodharma 20th Anniversary

 Anniversary Edition ClassicAnniversary Edition PremiumAnniversary Edition Premium PlusAnniversary Edition HI-POWER Premium
Circuit Board3. enhanced
Binding PostsCardas ACBPCardas ACBPCardas CCGRCardas CCGR
Oyaide High Purity 18-Gauge WiringXXX
Vampire All-Copper RCA'sXXX
Super Quiet Gaming FanX
Voltage Supply12V12V12V15V
Factory Direct PricingXXXX

All models come complete with:

  • one outboard universal switching power supply
  • one set of power cable break-in adaptors (US-style for US customers)
  • one power cable extension adaptor (for daisy-chaining US-style power cables)
  • 3 pairs of RCA barrel connectors (for daisy-chaining RCA interconnects)
  • Two-year fully-transferable parts & labor warranty