Please note:

  • UK13 and Schuko-style power cable adaptors are extra for all orders.
  • Version 2.5 units may also be upgraded with Cardas ACBP or CCGR binding posts (Upgrades).

EFS Circuit & Full Cryogenic Treatment

After many years of outstanding performance, we pushed the design envelope and configured a perfectly linear, extended frequency sweep circuit (EFS) that more than doubles the previous sweep at both ends of the spectrum….quite an achievement.

  • The EFS, of course, compliments the high voltage / high current components of the signal.
  • The swept square wave starts at 0Hz and is calibrated at just over 40KHz, whereas the previous sweep (for version 2.5) started just below 40Hz and reached 18.5KHz.
  • The Extended Frequency Sweep (EFS) improves on every sonic parameter translating into more transparency and dimensionality, a deeper/wider soundstage, and deeper / tighter bass information.
  • Full cryogenic treatment of the circuit board, all chassis connectors, switches, and internal wiring is included with all Anniversary Edition 3.5 models and HI-POWER models.

Note: this cryogenic treatment is also available as an upgrade for all Cable Cooker 2.0 & 2.5 owners. It is as sonically significant as the EFS circuit upgrade, and the benefits are cumulative (Upgrades).

  • The Cable Cooker™ 3.5 greatly improves the sound quality of all forms of interconnects (including A-V and phono), speaker cabling, AND power cabling beyond any normal break-in cycle.
  • Rapid, superior break-in and conditioning… conditions more thoroughly because the cabling is exposed to extreme signal levels and a special waveform that does not occur in normal system operation.
  • Sophisticated, high-efficiency, continuous duty circuit supplies in excess of 1 watt for interconnects and 22 watts for speaker and power cabling, in addition to a highly dynamic extended-frequency sweep (from 0Hz to over 40KHz).
  • Universality of use… allows break-in and conditioning of interconnects, speaker cabling, and power cabling simultaneously.
  • International compatibility… universal switching power supply may be used on any continent….usable with all line voltages from 90VAC to 260VAC, and AC input frequencies from 47Hz to 63Hz.
  • Custom adaptors available for daisy chaining power cables and speaker cables.
  • Designed & manufactured in the U.S.A … built to last