GROUND BREAKER Power Cable Adaptor Set

The audiodharma GROUND BREAKER power cable adaptor set….fully conditions the ground conductors and contacts, along with the Hot & Neutral. Never been done before!

The GROUND BREAKER offers an expanded soundstage, greater clarity, increased dynamics, and creates an even more organic presentation.


  • Double-cryogenic treatment of all parts & wiring
  • Non-magnetic screws
  • Advanced damping materials (from fo.Q Japan) on key vibration nodes
  • High-mass Deltron gold-plated banana plugs
  • Deltron silver-plated banana jacks
  • Stabilant 22 contact enhancer on all contact surfaces
  • Universal female wall plug–fits Oyaide US-style connectors!
  • Compatible with all Cable Cooker models, from version 2.0 through 3.5

$399 per set

With SCHUKO and UK13 Connectors.... $439 per set

(includes enhanced wall plug adaptor, IEC adaptor, and ground umbilical)

extra 15-amp IEC power cable adaptor
(initial unit is supplied with every Cable Cooker)
15-amp IEC to NEMA-style wall plug extension adaptor
(for daisy-chaining 15-amp power cables)
20-amp IEC power cable adaptor$40
20-amp IEC to NEMA-style wall plug extension adaptor
(for daisy-chaining 20-amp power cables)
custom UK13 power cable adaptors$45
custom UK13-to-15-amp IEC extension adaptor$55
custom Schuko power cable adaptor (improved)$40
custom Schuko-to-15-amp IEC extension adaptor
(for daisy-chaining Schuko or Euro-style power cables, improved)
tonearm wire/phono cable break-in adaptor (improved)$129
custom set of speaker cable break-in adaptor boxes
(one set for each additional pair of cables–made with five-way binding posts)
one set of Ethernet cable adaptors (improved)
(includes color-coded input / output sides & one female-to-female extension adaptor for daisy-chaining)
one set of USB cable adaptors (improved)
(includes one female A adaptor, one female B adaptor & one female-to-female extension adaptor for daisy-chaining)
Universal 15-amp female wall plug adaptor (fits Oyaide AC male connector)
(built with advanced vibration damping materials, non-magnetic screws, and Stabilant 22 contact enhancer)